Norma - Gattières Festival Opus-Opéra

CLASSIQUENEWS, Emmanuel Andrieu, 22 July 2023

The strong tenor of Paul Gaugler (accustomed to singing Don José or Radamès) could also be counted on to compose a heroic Pollione in the great tradition. The richness of the material never fails to impress, with a wide midrange and beautifully metallic high notes.

CULTUURPAKT, Carlo Schreiber, 28 July 2023

"Catherine Hunold is joined by tenor Paul Gaugler who composes a conquering Pollione"

Salome - Opéra-Théâtre Eurométropole de Metz

OLYRIX, José Pons, 7 April 2024

"The valiant tenor Paul Gaugler, in the role of the First Jew, seems to dominate the ensemble, but everyone takes his share"

Les Contes d’Hoffmann

Nancy Opéra Passion/Théâtre de Saint-Dizier

OPÉRA MAGAZINE, Thierry Guyenne, November 2022

"Particularly noteworthy is Paul Gaugler, who brings to Hoffmann his authority and dramatic commitment, with a full-bodied and punchy voice"

La Petite Messes solennelle - Les Invalides, Paris, 11 October 2022, Münchner Symphoniker, Lucie Leguay

CONCERTCLASSIC.COM, Laurent Bury, 11 October 2022

Replacing NN in extremis, Paul Gaugler does better than save the evening, with colors perhaps more heroic than what one usually hears in this work, but quite convincing.

PREMIÈRE LOGE-OPÉRA, 14 October 2022

Paul Gaugler, tenor with a delicate timbre, full of valour in his Domine Deus, who replaced NN at short notice.

OLYRIX, Emmanuel Deroeux, 12 October 2022

The tenor NN, replaced the day before, gives way to Paul Gaugler (...) The singer indeed does not lack assurance. His rich timbre, with a pleasantly darkened lower register, carries the Domine Deus with valour.


Der Kaiser von Atlantis - Grand Théâtre de Provence

OLYRIX, Florence Lethurgez, 7 January 2022

"The roles of Harlequin and the Soldier are played by tenor Paul Gaugler, who combines vocal ease with theatrical elegance. The instrument ignites after a few seconds and gives its vocal line the appearance of a golden, lunar serpentine, which pits its peaceful, yet firmly anchored energy, against the bellicose or somber figures of the stage."

CLASSIQUEENPROVENCE, François Jestin, 5 January 2022

"Vocally, the tenor Paul Gaugler impresses with his very high notes"


Récital - Opéra national de Bordeaux

FORUM OPERA, 12 March 2020, Jean-Claude Meymerit

"the tenor from Strasbourg, Paul Gaugler, offers a surprising and enticing programme with excerpts from Die Walküre, La Damnation de Faust, Ariane auf Naxos, Norma, Fedora… Its imposing barytone color does not prevent him from passing into the sharpest notes with mastery and ease."

Tristan (création de Gérald Atlan) - Agora du Crès, Montpellier

MIDI LIBRE, Michèle Fizaine, 09 March 2022

"The tenor Paul Gaugler is ideal in the role of Tristan."

Dante - Opéra de Saint-Étienne

OPÉRA MAGAZINE, Patrice Henriot, April 2019

"In a complete involvement and intelligibility that makes over-captioning superfluous, tenor Paul Gaugler valiantly assumes the overwhelming and changing role of the poet, the Gonfalonier, the exile, the initiated in the search of knowledge. The richness of the medium does not jeopardize the passage to the high, often solicited."

DIAPASON, Gérard Condé, 19 March 2019

"demanding for the voices, the score found ... in Paul Gaugler a Dante all fire all flame"

LE BABILLARD, Laurianne Corneille, 22 March 2019

"Paul Gaugler, who incarnates Dante with great elegance, keeps on the whole of the work a valour that forces respect in this demanding role."

ANACLASE, Bertrand Bolognesi, 10 March 2019

"Paul Gaugler, having to dominate a fearsome score that requires so much flexibility and endurance, gets away with it handsomely, using a brilliant high but never Persifler in an incarnation of beautiful outfit."

OLYRIX, Emmanuel Deroeux, 09 March 2019

Dante de Godard resurrected at the Opera of Saint-Étienne

"The main character is incarnated by Paul Gaugler, tenor with heroic accents, scenically sure and master of his vocal technique, with a certain lightness in the conduct of his phrasing"

RESMUSICA, Marie Bertrande Flous, 13 March 2019

In Saint-Étienne, Dante de Benjamin Godard returns from the Underworld

"On stage, the title role holder, Paul Gaugler, holds most of the heroic attributes. An advantageous physical of course, a fine and pleasant line of singing afterwards. The delicacy of her stamp and a perfectly worked diction (…) a pleasant vocal plasticity."

The Diary of the One Who Vanished, Arcal tour 2016

LE FIGARO, 11 April 2016

"... ready to melt under her charms, the tenor Paul Gaugler impresses as much by the quality of his singing than his diction."



"The "one who disappeared" will belong to Paul Gaugler, who did well of the path since his Octavio (L’Europe Galante) for William Christie: he is one of our most beautiful young tenor…"

WEBTHEATRE, 10 April 2016

"... the flexibility - physical and vocal... Clarity mixed by internal violence of Paul Gaugler..."

New Years Gala - Théâtre municipal de Bastia

CORSE MATIN, JMR, December 27. 2019

"Tenor Paul Gaugler impresses as much with his solar lyricism as with the power of his highs."

Nietzsche/Wagner : le Ring, Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet, Paris, mai 2012

MUSIKZEN, François Lafon, May 4th 2012

“The singers are brave - starting with Paul Gaugler, Siegfried such as we dream about him…”

CHANTEUR.NET, Alain Zürcher, May 2nd 2012

“Paul Gaugler has the physical appearance and the timbre of a "jugendlicher Heldentenor".”

CONCERTO.NET, Simon Corley, May 11th 2012

“... and, still more, the solid and musical Siegfried of Paul Gaugler, already noticed in Katia Kabanová in "Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord" last January, does not have pain to stand out.”

Faust - Poznan Opera House

KULTURA U PODSTAW, Piotr Urbański, November 2019

"I should write a short appendix about Paul Gaugler. His Faust was really excellent. Bright but mature voice, nice colour, no difficulties in the highest notes. Very impressive both as old and young hero. I have no doubts about his sensibility and emotions to Margharite. With fascinating shine in his eyes. I think you will be captivated by his Chevalier des Grieux in May and June (Poznań Opera House). Apparently Paul was the best Faust I have heard in this year, including Berlin."

Elektra - Opéra national de Bordeaux

OLYRIX, Paula Gaubert, 31 May 2018

Elektra in Bordeaux, an orgy of singing and paroxystic music!

"The tenor Paul Gaugler, the young servant, is impressive in the very high register..."

FORUM OPERA, Yannick Boussaert, 5 June 2018

"Paul Gaugler, young servant in search of a frame and particularly agile vocally."

Bellini Competition 2013, Paris

OPÉRA MAGAZINE, December 2013

"French tenor Paul Gaugler showed impressive abilities: coloraturas di forza in Rossini's Armida, powerful extra top notes in Puritani and Il Pirata.His solid technique and undeniable authority made him worthy of the special Prize for the best performance of a French aria, thanks to La Favorite."

Bellini Competition 2012, Catane

CLASSIQUENEWS.COM, February 13. 2013

"… two voices among the most promising of today, noticed by the jury of the International Competition Vincenzo Bellini. (...) Valeria Tornatore and Paul Gaugler, two timbres and two temperaments to be followed from now on."

Kat'a Kabanova, Teatros del Canal, Madrid, May & June 2014


“We are surprised by qualities(...), the curvature and voice colors (of the) tenor Paul Gaugler (Boris).”

Kat'a Kabanova, Théâtre et Auditorium de Poitiers, April 2013


“The young Alsatian tenor Paul Gaugler is a seductive Boris both vocally and theatrically; the young singer, whom we had already noticed at the International Bellini Competition, has a warm, round and perfectly mastered voice.”

Kat'a Kabanova, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, janvier et février 2012

LE FIGARO, February 1. 2012

“Boris, sincere and stubborn, is very well defended by Paul Gaugler.”

RESMUSICA, January 28. 2012

“By being a sincere and careless Boris, Paul Gaugler excellently understood how much the vocal emission appropriate for the Czech language infers a sophisticated and precise work of the vocal registers.”

THE PARISER, January 24. 2012    

“Paul Gaugler is true-to-life as Boris, sincere young man.”

Lucia di Lammermoor - Opéra national de Bordeaux

RESMUSICA, Charlotte Saulneron, 9 April 2018

"Led by a hand of master by Paul Gaugler in Normanno"

OPÉRA MAGAZINE, Pierre Cadars, June 2018

"The National Opera of Bordeaux gathered a casting in very French great majority. How not to congratulate itself on it, when it allows us to hear, in roles where they give the best of themselves, low Jean Teitgen, the mezzo Albane Carrère, the tenors Thomas Bettinger and Paul Gaugler?"

DIAPASON, Didier Van Moere, 9 April 2018

"The secondary roles were not neglected: (…) Paul Gaugler's tortuous Normanno."

OLYRIX, Stéphane Lelièvre, 7 April 2018

"A very interesting casting which, male side, convenes the cream of the French singing."